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These are the brands we absolutely love and trust. we use these companies to plan our travels, book our travels, and during our travels!

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Travel Planning

I've loved Lonely PLanet guidebooks since before i was old enough to travel on my own. I'd sit in Barnes and Noble and fantasize about the lovely places in the world I wanted to see. My favorite thing about the guidebooks is the beautiful pictures that accompanies all that rich information.


My favorite bookstore, there's a great selection of travel books and fictional books about travels and adventures. There's always great deals on best sellers from Lonely Planet, Frommer's, and more.


We recently used CityPASS for a silly day of playing tourist in New York City. It was a cheap way to visit Madame Tussaud's, take a short cruise down the Hudson River, and go to the top of the Empire State Building. Can't wait to use this in more cities!



Expedia is really my go to for booking flights. I find great deals on here and haven't had a bad experience yet! Looking forward to booking more trips with Expedia.


Travelocity is part of Expedia. There's a whole assortment of flights, hotels, cruises, and other travel packages. Definitely use them for a lot of my trips.


Priceline is a great choice for overall flights, hotels, and even rental cars. I use it for a lot of my USA travels.


I've done a few flights with Lufthansa and found their service to be impeccable and deals hassle free. Definitely a great airline for getting into Europe.


Exactly what it sounds like. Cheap deals on flights, perfect for a savvy traveler. I love to compare all sites and there are great deals on here.


Air France is a great airline with flights to France and all over the world. One of the top airlines in my books. Love flying Air France.

Accomodations is a site we've used often and is very reputable as they're part of The Priceline Group. For example, we found a great deal when we visited Newport, Rhode Island in summer of 2015 (under $150 when comparable hotels were $250+). You'll see the widget alongside itinerary posts. is a great way to find hotels and you can get your 10th night free. Great deals on budget and luxury hotels. I love the selection and the prices.


Part of the Priceline Group, Agoda has great offerings for hotels and other ACCOMMODATIONS. I love that for some asian countries, they offer homes as options.


Yves Rocher is known for its botanical beauty product lines. Originating in France, the brand is super popular world wide and is just starting to catch on in the United States. They have great travel sized goodies for a super cheap price. I love using their products for quick trips.


Special Offers


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