Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citizens of Earth co.?

Citizens of Earth Co. is fun project. As an avid traveler, I want to share my  journey with you from the experience to the tangible goods. With a lifestyle blog, I hope to inspire travelers of all ages to embrace the wonders of this world and to be a citizen of the earth.

Do you travel FULL-TIME or do you have a day job?

Sadly no to the traveling full-time and yes to the day job! For me, life isn't all about traipsing around the world but that's what makes the travel magical - the scarcity of time and resources. So if I can do it with four weeks of vacation a year, so can you! 

Where did the idea for Citizens of Earth co. come from?

The seed started from my trip to Lyon, France for a study abroad program in grad school. I toted back tons of goodies in my suitcase and backpack for friends and loved ones. Then I spent hours editing the pictures for my personal blog. When I travel, I'm a different person (better perhaps) and I find that I am more compassionate. As I travel more, it becomes evident that we are all citizens of this earth. I want to share the best of my experiences.

I keep a personal blog but I decided in early 2017 that it was time to build something that focused solely on traveling. Thus, the idea of Citizens of Earth Co. 

How long have you been a photographer?

If you mean how long have I been taking photos, since my mother trusted me with wielding a camera. We had a Fujifilm (actual film) camera in the 90's and half of my pictures came out crooked or blurry. If you mean professionally, I'm really not a photographer. I consider myself first a writer, then a traveler. I just happen to take snapshots of my memories but I enjoy the challenge of getting better with each snap.

What do you use to edit your photos?

Details on equipment and apps to be listed.

For editing photos, I prefer Lightroom. I've tried a few programs and even debated on using the website's built in editing tools but found Lightroom to give me the most flexibility on an image. 



May I use your pictures on my own website?

The short answer is maybe. The pictures on here are all originals. You may find the photos on Shutterstock. These are some of my best pictures and they're available for purchase through Shutterstock.

If you like a picture that isn't on Shutterstock, in most cases you can use the picture by crediting "" and just letting my know about it. However, if you're using my pictures on products without permission or editing our pictures, we may run into problems. If you are unsure, just contact me and ask.

What is your favorite place in the world?

Home is where the heart is. I have very fond memories of London and Venice but the list keeps growing. I love any place where there are good times and good friends. Can my favorite place in the world be the world itself? That's cheating I suppose!

What is your least favorite place in the world?

I have a love hate relationship with New York City. I love the convenience, the diversity, the attractions, and the opportunities. I spent four years tucked away in the mountains for my undergraduate studies and it was a welcomed escape from the hustle and bustle of New York. It's home for now though, so maybe I'll learn to appreciate it more.

What is the best way to navigate this website?

Under Destinations, you can find my travel bucket list and featured places. Currently, North America, Europe, and Asia are up. South America, Australia and Africa are soon to come. I'm always looking for new suggestions and places to go.

Under Travel Guide, you'll find four categories. Travel consists of all posts related to travel (which applies to most posts). Food highlights notable munchies. City points you to places and things to do in a city. Nature points you to places and things to do that's geared towards non-city adventures. These brief posts provide information and pictures in hopes of inspiring you to visit one day! Let me know if you ever make it to a place! Would love to chat about it.

Blog is a collection of my thoughts, travel tales, guest posts, and random bits of information that you might find useful! Look out for tips on how to travel on a budget.

Itineraries are our compilations of the best tips and guides for you to explore cities I've seen. They're chockfull of information and free.



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