Gondolas in Venice, Italy

Gondolas are long, flat bottomed boats propelled by a single rower in the back with one oar. For a long time, these boats were the most common mode of transportation in Venice and flooded the city's canals. Today, the boats are primarily used to service tourists at fixed rates. You can't think Venice without thinking about gondolas. There are limited licenses for gondoliers as determined by the guild and these hardworking rowers spend lots of time at apprenticeships. When you get into a gondola, you know you're in good hands. 


There are multiple points to board a gondola. A popular spot is at St. Mark's Square, but any side street you wander down can have a boarding point.
Coordinates: Varies

Cost & Admission
Official rates:
€80 for 40 minutes
€40 for each additional 20 minutes
*Singing is extra.

After 7 p.m
€100 for 40 minutes
€50 for an additional 20 minutes
*Singing is extra.

Up to six people can share a gondola.


Riding a gondola, traveling through the canals via gondola.

If you want the experience of riding a gondola without actually paying for the exorbitant amount, catch a traghetto which takes you across the Grand Canal for a nominal fee of a few Euros.