Edinburgh Old Town in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Old Town is what gives Edinburgh its charm. Edinburgh Castle is at one end of The Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace anchors the other end. The term refers to the part of Edinburgh in the city center that has reserved its medieval street plans and old architecture. A lot of the buildings have been remodeled but the feel is there with aged bricks and cobblestone sidewalks. The Old Town is what gives Edinburgh its charm. On the periphery of the city, there are new malls, but this section is well preserved - a throwback to the days of yesteryear. It's where J.K. Rowling penned her famous Harry Potter series. It's where countless writers make their pilgrimage to honor the written art. Old Town has churches galore, the Edinburgh Writer's Museum, the National Library of Scotland, and streets lined with small shops, bustling pubs, and cozy cafes. 


Old Town is an area in Edinburgh, Scotland, right in the heart of the city.
Coordinates: 55.9503° N, 3.1904° W

Cost & Admission
Free, open anytime.

Various cafes and restaurants nearby on The Royal Mile and side streets.

Walking, eating, shopping.

I would recommend staying in the heart of the city to get a feel for Scotland. Cheap hostels and pricier luxury hotels dot The Royal Mile so you do have your pick of the lot.