Arco Naturale in Capri, Italy

To see the Arco Naturale or “Natural Arch” in Capri, we decided to hire a boat to take us around the island. The arc is the remains of a collapsed grotto, dating back to the Paleolithic age. The hour long ride wasn’t cheap but it was a lovely private tour of the natural formations around the island, which took us into grottoes and through tricky waterways. The Arco Naturale itself can be seen from below in the water, or above after a long hike. We found the boat ride offered us a much more intimate view of Capri’s natural beauty. Close to land, the saltwater sea churned us back and forth on the boat — not a preferred option for those sensitive to seasickness. Further out, the waves were calmer. The route your captain takes may vary and we opted to avoid the crowds at the Blue Grotto and see less popular ones instead. Our captain was calm, slightly chatty, and an excellent navigator of the seas.


Coordinates: 40.5503° N, 14.2571° E

Cost & Admission
Free, 24/7 for hiking.
Cost of boat rental varies.

Food back at the Marina.

Views, boat ride, hike.

Be mindful of the sun as you are out in the open, and for those prone to seasickness. While we paid about 100 euros for our private tour in 2017, prices may vary.