Churros and Chocolate in Barcelona, Spain

One of the must have desserts in Barcelona is Churros and Chocolate. This delectable combination differs from place to place. Barcelona's version features a very thick chocolate, usually more bitter than sweet, and short fried churros either plain or dusted with powdered sugar. I had churros and chocolate in Seville and found their version much doughier and chocolate more like the drink you'd find at a ski resort. Featured below is a set from Cappucino, a casual establishment serving pastries and sandwiches. It was a nice break from a long day of walking about Barcelona.



Plaça de l'Àngel, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Jaume I Train Station

Coordinates: 41°23'02.1"N 2°10'43.0"E

Cost & Admission
Cost of food.

Casual cafe.



There are mixed reviews but it's a casual place for quick stop.