Portobello Market in London, England

Portobello Market in Notting Hill, London is perhaps one of the most well known street markets in the world. The stalls line the streets on Saturdays can you can get anything from clothing to jewelry to books to antiques and even food. The street itself is definitely lined with great shops even if you can't make it on a Saturday.

You'll want to walk through the neighborhood of Notting Hill too to see the beautiful multicolored houses, made famous by the movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, aptly named Notting Hill. 


Start at Notting Hill Gate Station and walk down to Ladbroke Grove
Coordinates: 51.5091° N, 0.1963° W

Cost & Admission
Free to walk. Public streets open 24/7.
Shops/stalls set their own hours.

Food stalls and shops line Portobello Road.

Walking, shopping, eating.

This place is no secret, so it is of course crowded. Beware of pickpockets and other types of unruly behavior.