Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Head towards the square, Piazza della Rotonda, and you'll see a magnificent structure before you. The Pantheon was a former Roman temple, and now a church in the heart of Rome, Italy. The words that frame the structure read: "Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, made this building when consul for the third time." This building has seen many lives, having been burnt down and rebuilt in the past. Today, the building is used as a catholic church. The dome is quite striking and the oculus is the main source of natural light in this building.

I love best the weathered facade and the way the light filters through. It is truly amazing how bright it seems inside from the simple hole in the ceiling. This site is easily accessible and very easy to check out.


Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Coordinates: 41.8986° N, 12.4769° E

Cost & Admission
Free, open daily from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.
*May be closed on Sunday and other holidays.

Food nearby around Piazza della Rotonda.

Walking, historical tour.

It does get crowded but it's easy to walk in and out since there is minimal security and no tickets involved. Do pop in and admire the grand architecture. If you're looking for empty pictures, head there early.