Mansions in Newport, Rhode Island

Thanks to the Preservation Society of Newport County, the mansions erected during the Gilded Age are still standing and now serve as windows to the past. These museums honor the history of a budding and industrializing America. It also encapsulates the architecture of the time. The views are breathtaking and it's hard to believe that people lived in these deluxe homes. Their lifestyle is so drastically different than ours. Why yes, Jeeves, I shall take my breakfast of Eggs Benedict on the south veranda. On one tour we learned about ice cubes that were shipped by horse carriage for the rich to serve as dessert! I always find it fascinating to learn about history.

We did the five house pass and went to The Breakers, The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff, Chateau-sur-Mer. It was most interesting to see how the residents in each house was entangled with residents of the next house. Pay attention during the tours and you might catch onto the gossip.


The mansions are accessible by car or walking.
Note, the mansions, depending on your selection are a bit far from each other but the walk may be feasible on a nice day.
Coordinates: Varies

Cost & Admission
1 House Ticket (excluding The Breakers and Hunter House): $17.50 adult, $8.00 youth
The Breakers: $24.00 adult, $8.00 youth
2 House Ticket (The Breakers & 1 choice): $27.00 adult, $9.00 youth
5 House Ticket (any 5 excluding Hunter House): $35.00 adult, $12.00 youth

None. The mansions are essentially museums.

Walking, learning about history.

Eat before or after. No food in these museums. I'm quite happy with our selection of: The Breakers, The Elms, Marble House, Rosecliff, Chateau-sur-Mer. Buy the 5 house ticket for a day long outing and the best value. If you must do one, go to The Breakers. There's a reason why they offer a separate ticket for this estate!