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Santa Maria de Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain

Santa Maria de Montserrat is a Benedictine abbey nestled into the Monserrrat mountains in Ministrol de Monserrat in Catalonia, Spain. A mere train ride away from bustling Barcelona, it is a wonder to behold. Founded early in the 11th century, it has since been rebuilt between the 19th and 20th century and is a working monastery with about seventy to eighty monks. Monserrat means serrated mountains, referring to the jaggedness of the natural formations.

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Mansions in Newport, Rhode Island

Thanks to the Preservation Society of Newport County, the mansions erected during the Gilded Age are still standing and now serve as windows to the past. These museums honor the history of a budding and industrializing America. It also encapsulates the architecture of the time. 

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