Pawtuxet River, Rhode Island

A recommendation from a barista when we had our morning coffee, Pawtuxet River was his idea of a picturesque New England town. It reminds me of those 1,000 piece puzzles I did in my childhood, of distant towns that looked nothing like my native New York city - towns with a quiet wide river, wildflowers, houses on the hill and eternal blue skies.

There are some shops and restaurants that line the road leading up to the small bridge. We ate some ice cream at Dear Hearts Ice Cream just before the bridge. It's a great little stop if you're passing by in Rhode Island.


Pawtuxet River is accessible by car.
Coordinates: 41.7638° N, 71.3905° W

Cost & Admission
Free! The snapshots were taken on a bridge over the river.

Restaurants & snacks. We had some ice cream at Dear Hearts Ice Cream for a few bucks.


This secluded spot is something of classic Americana. The visit is quick, great for some quick snaps and a snack.