Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island

The Cliff Walk is a top attraction for Newport, Rhode Island and it's clear to see why. Luscious greens and flowers hug the rocky coastline. The sea and sky seamless blend into each other. It's a no frills trail that lines the backyards of mansions - some inhabited and some remnants of the Gilded Age. A nature lover's dream, this provides an unique perspective on nature and architecture. We lucked out with sunshine.

There are several outlets from the trail that led to rocky beaches. I wouldn't recommend swimming since there are no lifeguards and plus, Rhode Island has other sandier beaches. The trail itself varies in difficulty. Some parts are very rocky and require more attention while other parts are nicely paved. It's important to assess one's own ability and limits.

While there are many ways to enter and leave the trail, most likely visitors have driven and parked somewhere. To experience the entire breadth of the trail, it would be logical to start from one end and walk to the next. Unfortunately, that might require a return trip. It is possible to leave the trail and take a neighborhood stroll and return to the car. Oh, just a regular day of passing by the mansions where the Vanderbilts used to summer. No big deal.


The Cliff Walk is accessible at multiple points. More info here.
You may want to get around Newport by driving but it's walkable to an extent.
Coordinates: Multiple

Cost & Admission
Free! Open all year round, it's a trail that hugs the eastern shore of Newport, Rhode Island.



Eat before or after. There's no great spot on the trail to picnic. Plus, some parts are very narrow so you'd be in the way of other people. Bring your camera! Very picturesque.