Beaujolais, France

The Beaujolais is a historical province and wine-producing region in France, just north of Lyon. We drove down the windy roads and came upon a patch of land with craggily, grapeless vines. Despite the gloominess of the day, the landscape remained vibrant. 

Wine lovers rejoice! This area produces a particularly light and smooth wine.  I went on a grad school trip to an alum's house where we sampled her family's wine and ate specially prepared dishes native to the region. I can imagine it would be a great roadtrip, driving along and sampling wines. The taste is based on the "terroir" or complete environment in which the wine is produced which is affected by the soil, topography, climate, etc. We know the French are meticulous in detail and are extremely proud of their wines, and rightfully so.


The Beaujolais region is accessible by car.
Coordinates: Varies
*I won't put coordinates since this was a private residence.

Cost & Admission
Free to drive through. Cost varies.


Walking, seeing the views, wine tasting.

This was a school sponsored trip so to respect the privacy of the family, I can't offer too many details. The drive from Lyon was long and I must have dozed off a few times. If you are road tripping through, wind through the paths. The houses on hills and fields are beautiful.