Funicular to Fourvière in Lyon, France

The funicular or tram that brings us up towards either the Roman Amphitheatre or Fourvière is an adorable little red cart that climbs the steep hill so we don't have to. I love trams and cable cars and this was no exception. The ride up is rather smooth. You get a quick glimpse of the old city of Lyon (Vieux Lyon) as you start to ascend. The price is the cost of a regular ticket, 1.80 euros or included with "unlimited" passes based on time rather than money.

You can see here the views are amazing up top so it's a must see in this city. If you want the longer hike up, you can walk through the old city and weave your way up towards the top of the hill. If anyone can find the stairs that go directly to the top, let me know!


Fourvière is accessible by walking up stairs or by tram (Funicular to Fourvière).

Cost & Admission
€1.80 for tram ticket or included with "unlimited" passes.

Nearby in Vieux Lyon.

Walking, seeing the views.
*Bonus, Birdseye view!

Didn't I say the tram was adorable in the post about the Birdseye view? This little red thing scoots you up the hill in two directions and both offer a unique ride. It comes frequently since the ride is short. One way goes to Fourvière and the other goes to the Roman Ruins (beyond that is Saint-Just which is residential and a walk down to the ruins). The trams are marked so you will know which one is which. Try taking both! If time or money does not permit, take one up and one down. There's even a little display on the way up which is a fun surprise.