Along the Seine in Paris, France

There's nothing better than a stroll along an old river and there's no river more French than the Seine. This famous waterway has shown up in countless art pieces, cinema, writing, and more. In older times, civilizations thrived and fell based on waterways. Undoubtedly the Seine lent to Paris' trade and commerce. Within the city limits, two remaining natural islands sit on the Seine. The Île de la Cité holds the famous cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris and the Île Saint-Louis is mostly residential. Bridges make the islands accessible to all. Start here and meander your way through the city, tracing the Seine along its path. There are plenty of shops and sights along the way.


Varies, but we can start at Notre-Dame Cathedral so you can tick off another site from the list.
Closest metro station is Cité. The address is 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France.
Coordinates: 48.853641° N, 2.350025° E

Cost & Admission

Shops and restaurants along the Seine.

Walking, seeing the views.

I love walks along the river in getting to know a city. The views are spectacular, and waterways always draw a crowd.