Vieux Lyon in Lyon, France

Old Lyon (Vieux Lyon) is a Renaissance neighborhood that sits at the foot of Fourviére hill. It's a protected site and boasts unique tunnels that silk weavers once used to navigate the winding roads. Unique to Lyon, traboules are passageways that wind under living quarters, open to courtyards and allow the traveler to emerge on the other side. They are often credited for helping native evade the Germans during World War II. Still meant as an efficient means of travel when one is going up or downhill on foot, traboules now are tourist attractions with a great number open to the public.

We navigated these winding streets with a tour guide during my brief study abroad stint in Lyon but if time permits, get a little lost. Little shops dot the way. Walk up and down and push on the doors. Bonus points if you can find the green door pictured below that opens to a traboule.


Start at the Vieux Lyon metro station.
Coordinates: 45.759894° N, 4.826166° E

Cost & Admission
The walk and traboules are free. These traboules lead through private residences and can be dark at night. I suggest going during daylight hours.

Various cafes and restaurants along the way.

Walking, seeing the views, shopping.

There is usually a marker on the traboules but push on the doors and look out for signs but do note that many lead through private residences so respect the space. The walk down can be combined with the funicular ride up, or vice versa.