Accademia Bridge in Venice, Italy

Accademia Bridge is one of the four bridges along the Grand Canal. It connects San Marco and Dorsoduro. It's not the prettiest bridge, but it's an important one that brings folks across the Grand Canal. From San Marco, you walk and curve through the streets, following signs that say "Accademia" which is an adventure in itself. The view is magificent and you can peek towards either ends of the Grand Canal.


Follow signs towards Accademia Bridge.
Coordinates: 45.4317° N, 12.3289° E

Cost & Admission
Free, open anytime.

Various cafes and restaurants nearby.

Walking, seeing the views.

The bridge is very crowded at most times though you'll be able to sneak through and take pics along the way. If you want an empty shot on the bridge, get up super early.