Don Nino Gelato in Rome, Italy

When in Italy, you must have gelato daily. Especially in the summer, when an afternoon gelato soothes the soul. Gelato is denser than ice cream and comes in a variety of flavors from cream based flavors like vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and stracciatella to fruit based flavors like berries, mango, and more. Don Nino did not disappoint as we were walking near the Pantheon. I opted for berries and lemon below.


Closest metro stop is Lepanto.
Via dei Pastini, 134 (Pantheon) - 00186 Roma
Coordinates: 41.900458° N, 12.477466° E

Cost & Admission
Varies, depending on what you buy.

Gelateria and Pasticceria.


It can be a bit crowded but splurge for two scoops for a waffle chip. Besides, you'll want two flavors since it's that good.