The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Italy

Michelangelo's Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is legendary. Who hasn't seen the mural where the hands of God and Adam reaching towards each other?  During height tourist season, one must navigate through the Vatican Museum and the hoards of crowds in order to reach the acclaimed Sistine Chapel. History buffs can see art and artifacts in the city's history.

During summer months, the actual experience in the chapel is a bit strange - a booming voice on the loudspeaker yells "silencio" as the crowd whispers in hushed tones. There should of course be only silence. Pictures are allowed in the museum but not in the chapel itself.


Closest metro stop is Ottaviamo.
Coordinates: 41.9029° N, 12.4534° E

Cost & Admission
Monday to Saturday - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (final entry 4:00 PM)
Full price - €16.00
Reduced price - €8.00
Online booking fee - €4.00
Other ticket options are here.

Every last Sunday of the month (provided this does not coincide with Easter Sunday, 29 June Sts. Peter and Paul, 25 December Christmas Day, and 26 December Feast of St. Stephen) - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (final entry 12:30 PM)

Closed on Sunday (except the last Sunday of each month, see above)

Food vendors and shops nearby.

Walking, exploring a historic site.

Though I saw otherwise, the dress code is covered shoulders and covered knees. Out of respect, do try to comply. Noncompliance can lead to being kicked out of the chapel. Pictures are allowed in the museum but not the chapel. During peak tourist season in the summer months, the chapel is packed.