Venchi in Rome, Italy

Oh gelato, you magnificent thing. Remember what we do in Italy? Eat gelato daily. On the way to the Spanish Steps, I cooled off with a double scoop. It was hazelnut and mascarpone with caramelized figs. I have to say this combination was as bold as I'd seen during my time in Italy. Venchi is a chain with multiple locations. If you ever find yourself in upstate New York, they have a location at the Woodbury Commons outlet.


Closest metro stop is Spagna.
Via della Croce, 25/26, Roma, Italy
Coordinates: 41.906228° N, 12.480144° E

Cost & Admission
Varies, depending on what you buy.

Gelateria and chocolate shop.


No waffles here but the flavors are so unique. It is a chain with multiple locations. No need to visit the exact one I did. Give it a go. It may be gimmicky but I loved the flavor combination I had.