King Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is a wonder to behold. In Edinburgh, all the guides say to hike up to King Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park. The peak is an extinct volcano and there are rumors that this site may have been the location of Camelot (as in legendary King Arthur and Lancelot, etc.). With the wind-swept grass and craggy rocks, traversing this landscape is like being in a Lord of the Rings movie. The hike is pretty much open air and not shrouded by trees so umbrellas or sunscreen is advisable, depending on the weather. Depending on where you start from, there are a few trails up. The path we chose was a moderate hike up, taking a total of an hour and a half, there and back again. We started near the streets of Old Town. There is a marker on top, a metal round slab of sorts, but nothing too impressive. The views are the real treasure at King Arthur's Seat. You get a full 360 degree view of Edinburgh with the sea and the the city.


The park and peak is very accessible by talking through Old Town towards Holyrood Park.
The easiest marker is to find The Palace of Holyroodhouse, or most commonly referred to as Holyrood Palace (official residence of the British monarch in Scotland) and walk from there.
Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DX, UK
Coordinates: 55.944078° N, 3.161814° E

Cost & Admission
Free, open anytime.

Various cafes and restaurants nearby.

Walking, hiking, see the views, birds-eye view.

I would definitely work this into your itinerary. Explore Old Town Edinburgh which is a relatively straight road, and make your way towards Holyrood Palace. From there, the peak is very visible and most likely you'll find other hikers. This is a very accessible hike with a relatively mild ascent if you start near the palace. There are other trails if you are feeling a bit more adventurous.