Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland

Portobello Beach is a cute bonus location to hit up but by no means a must see in Edinburgh. To be fair, we went in the dead of winter so it might be a bit livelier in the summer. Scotland isn't known for beaches, so we won't fault them for that. After a hike to King Arthur's Peak, this easy stroll was a welcomed change to take in the salty sea air and relax. This area is relatively residential and that castle looking structure in the picture below was a private residence. 


The beach is accessible by walking or if you're staying downtown, by taking the number 26 bus. 
Coordinates: 55.9496° N, 3.1093° W

Cost & Admission
Free, open anytime.
Depending on bus fare, costs may vary.

Various cafes and restaurants nearby on Portobello High Street.

Walking, seeing the views, enjoying the beach.

For me personally, this wasn't a must see. As far as beaches go, it's not the most impressive but it is the only one in the vicinity. I'm glad I was able to take the bus and see views of the city on my way to the beach. If you're looking to relax during warm summer days, give it a go.