Anacapri in Capri, Italy

Anacapri, literally meaning above Capri, holds different status from the city of Capri though it shares the same island. A bus, winds through hairpin turns from Marina Grande to Anacapri for a small sum. To take the scenic route, hike up Scala Fenicia or the Phoenecian Steps for literally breathtaking views (the steep hike can leave unsuspecting tourists out of breath.) With museums, shops, and eateries, Anacapri feels like a different world than Marina Grande. Take a chairlift to Monte Solaro, the highest point on Capri and three hundred sixty degree views of Tyrrhenian Sea.


Coordinates: 40.5547° N, 14.2105° E

Cost & Admission
Free, open 24/7

 Restaurants nearby.

 Walking, exploring.

It can get packed during the height of tourist season, from June-August. Consider going in May or September.