Scala Fenicia in Capri, Italy

The view as you climb Capri’s Scala Fenicia, otherwise known as the Phoenecian Steps, make the grueling pain of this feat worth it. As you ascend to the heights of the island, the landscape unfolds like a beautiful secret. None the wiser and hoping to avoid traffic on the buses, the map told us of a direct route from Marina Grande, where the boats dock, up to Anacapri. The map however, did not take into account the elevation. At first, the walk leads you through neighborhoods and residential streets. Then, the behemoth set of steps leading up the side of the mountain. Don’t be fooled into thinking the journey is over. It has only begun. The steps, 921 in total, can be steep at times and unforgiving. But from different vantage points there are beautiful views of the island.


Coordinates: 40.5564° N, 14.2282° E

Cost & Admission
Free, 24/7

 At Marina Grande or at Anacapri

 Hiking, climbing stairs, enjoying the view

Take your time with the journey. It can get steep and dangerous if you are not careful.