The Darius Inn in Block Island, Rhode Island

Looking for a place to stay on Block Island? The Darius Inn is a prime choice. The sisters' attention to detail is astounding. There's also a great snack and drink hour during mid afternoon and a delicious and healthy breakfast. Prices can be steep on the island during the summer months, so this place is no exception. We paid $250+ for the room for one night. Funny thing is my friend, who's birthday we were celebrating, booked the room for me and another friend during the winter months. I didn't even know where we would be going! But I wasn't in the least bit disappointed.


62 Dodge St, New Shoreham, RI 02807
Coordinates: 41.1739° N, 71.5601° W

Cost & Admission
Varies depending on the night's rates.

Free breakfast and afternoon snacks with wine during happy hour.


Take advantage of the excellent outdoor spaces, whether in the backyard or upstairs patio.