Driftwood Structure in Block Island, Rhode Island

There are no guarantees that this structure will be everlasting, but I found it during the summer of 2017. As I strolled during the morning hours, past the North Light Lighthouse, I came upon this view. Strange sticks placed together, perhaps deliberately for art, perhaps just on a whim. Blinking away the morning sun, I approached it and I felt like I had discovered the world's next wonder. Here, in the middle of this empty beach was this weird clubhouse made of driftwood, complete with a swing and slide. I don't believe it was meant to be functional so I didn't try to swing on it.


North Lighthouse, New Shoreham, RI 02807
Coordinates: 41.2276° N, 71.5758° W

Cost & Admission


Exploring, finding an art piece.

Have faith and continue to walk past the North Light Lighthouse. If anyone else has spotted it, I'd love to see your photos as well.