Hiking in Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain

Hiking in Montserrat is a great way to stretch your legs. The panoramic views of Catalonia are exquisite. Trails range from brutal to challenging to moderately paved paths. Popular hikes are laid out on maps and it's easy to just follow people along as the trails are bustling. A rack railway or cable car can take you up to the main square and two funiculars are available to take you to trails above or below the abbey.

Some trails are more difficult than others so please be honest with yourself about what you can handle. As with other trails, bring ample snacks and hydration. In a day, you can do a few smaller trails, but I would recommend staying overnight if you want to attempt the lengthier trails. The views from these trails won't disappoint.


Monasterio de Montserrat, Plaza del Monasterio
08199 Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain
Coordinates: 41.5933° N, 1.8377° E

Cost & Admission
*If you opt for no transportation, you can hike everything for free. I wouldn't recommend it though.
The Complete Montserrat Premium Tour 86€
Early Visit Montserrat & Santa Celia with Brunch 90€
Montserrat with Train and Rack Railway 46.90€
Visit Montserrat with Lunch - 35€
Montserrat Visit 16€
All Montserrat 53.85€
All Montserrat By Car 33.30€
Museum of Montserrat 7€
Santa Cecília de Montserrat 7€
All tickets can be purchased here.

2 restaurants and 1 store in main square.


Keep hydrated, especially during the summer months! Try to stay on the main trails if you're not an expert outdoor person and be careful of slipping as there are steep cliffs at times.