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Southeast Lighthouse in Block Island

The second of Block Island's lighthouses, Southeast Lighthouse is near Mohegan Bluffs. I caught the last rays of the summer sun around 6pm, driving out there with a friend on our rented moped. There's an area to park and a grassy area where you could picnic and enjoy the views. The lighthouse itself is on the smaller side, but it's the views of the bluffs you really want, especially as the sunset cascades into many hues of oranges and purples.

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Mohegan Bluffs in Block Island, Rhode Island

All the guides say that you must visit Mohegan Bluffs if you visit Block Island. These views and this beach did not disappoint. There are a set of steep stairs and steep rocks to climb down towards a beach with views of rock cliffs and open waters. This picturesque spot is a favorite. Watch the windmills blow in the distance and let the rising tide brush against your feet.

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