Mohegan Bluffs in Block Island, Rhode Island

All the guides say that you must visit Mohegan Bluffs if you visit Block Island. These views and this beach did not disappoint. There are a set of steep stairs and steep rocks to climb down towards a beach with views of rock cliffs and open waters. This picturesque spot is a favorite. Watch the windmills blow in the distance and let the rising tide brush against your feet.

My photos are from an afternoon session, dotted with people and a early morning session with not a soul around. It can get a little crowded, but it's a sight to behold. By four or five in the afternoon, the water begins to touch the end of the shoreline. The waters are probably unfriendly once the sun sets.


Mohegan Bluffs, New Shoreham, RI 02807
Coordinates: 41.1523° N, 71.5524° W

Cost & Admission


Seeing the views, walking, exploring the beach.

Be very careful during high tide. I'm a strong swimmer but I was even scared to get carried away into the ocean or under the waves. The waves are very strong and isn't very pleasant for swimming, but is perfect for a stroll along the beach.