Fourvière in Lyon, France

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière is a minor basilica in Lyon. The structure itself is iconic in Lyon's postcards. It sits next to the Tour métallique de Fourvière or Metallic Tower of Fourvière, known so some as the sister Eiffel Tower. The courtyards provide expansive views of the city, all the way to Mont Blanc. Inside, the murals glisten with gold leaf adornments.

One of my favorites in Europe, this basilica is well maintained inside and out. There are nice nooks and crannies and a basement for further exploration. As I do with each cathedral I visit, I try my best to donate one euro to light a candle to hope for good things in the world. There's something beautiful about seeing all the candles aglow. I lucked out because they were having mass at the chapel next door and I happened to walk through when the choir and congregation were singing.


Fourvière is accessible by walking up stairs or by tram (Funicular to Fourvière).
Coordinates: 45.7623° N, 4.8226° E

Cost & Admission
*Free but if possible, make a donation.
You can visit the Basilica by yourself every day between 8 am and 6:45 pm. As the Basilica is a place of worship, it is not possible to visit the church during the celebrations.

Nearby in Vieux Lyon.

Walking, seeing the views, cathedral visit.

I spoke about the views up on Fourvière Hill in a prior post. The cathedral is free and open to visitors except when religious services are happening. In which case you can enjoy the views from the courtyard. There is a small shop on the side for souvenirs.