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Piazzetta in Capri, Italy

The Capri funicular deposits passengers at Piazzetta, a small plaza with cafes, restaurants, shops, and a tourism office. From this height, visitors get beautiful views of the sea stretched for miles. Occasionally, one might brush shoulders with celebrities and Hollywood stars as Piazzetta is a popular place for those visiting the island.

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Travel Itinerary: A Weekend on Block Island

One of my favorite things to do during summertime is find a place for a nice weekend getaway so I can see a new place without breaking into the vacation bank. It's an island, decently sized for a good hour moped ride or five hour bike ride (crazy hills at times though) and perhaps way to big to stroll around (though it's possible). This itinerary is a bit different than my usual ones. There's way less walking, and a more casual listing of what to do on the island. 

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