Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in Lyon, France

3 Days in Lyon, France

Lyon, sometimes referred to as Little Paris, is anything but a mere carbon copy of bustling Paris. With great historical UNESCO sites, the city has done a great job of blending new and old. There's even a mini eiffel tower if that's important to you. The people are kinder, the food is spectacular, and the sights are jaw droppingly gorgeous.It's also the capital city of its region where some of the best wine is produced. Need I say more?

Lyonnais people are extremely proud of their cuisine and their innovations have made them the food capital of France and arguably the world. You'll hear the name Paul Bocuse a lot and if your budget permits, try a meal at one of his establishments. Otherwise, La Brasserie Georges is the oldest brasserie in Lyon and deserves all the fanfare it receives. French cuisine is daring, innovative, and adventurous. Allergies aside, never ask what you are being served. Have a bite. You might discover a new love for saucisson or pâté.

The geography is unique. The Presqu'île is the peninsula that juts out and at the end is the confluence where the rivers Rhône and Saône meet. To the left of the Presqu'île is the beautiful Vieux Lyon or Old Lyon. The roads wind back and forth. There are secret passageways that open up to courtyards and streets up or down the hill. These traboules were used when Lyon's silk trade was booming and were rumored to have helped some escape the Nazis. Trabouling or the act of using traboules is unique to Lyon. To the north is Croix Rousse, another hilly, winding neighborhood that today is home to hundreds of amazing shops. Even more north is wine country. To the right of the Presqu'île is a great shopping complex in Part-Dieu, which is also where you'll be catching the train from the airport into Lyon. This part of Lyon is ultra modern and sleek, with great train connections to other parts of Paris and Switzerland.

Spend three wonderful days in Little Paris. Lyon is a manageable medium sized city that packs a great punch. There are plenty of activities for solo travelers, couples, groups, and families. It's a place with something for everyone.