Travel Itinerary: Day 2 in Lyon, France

Day 2 in Lyon, France

The Basics


Metropolitan city with paved and cobblestone pedestrian/car roads


Summer high of 71°F or 21°C
Winter low of 37°F or 3°C


Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport or Lyon Part-Dieu Train Station


Getting Around

Taxi or walking. city center is accesible by walking


$120 - $250 per day


Hotels, hostels, airbnb
Recommend: Citadines Presqu'île Lyon


To Do

Walking, historic tours, eating, shopping

To See

Parc de la Tête d'Or, Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Place Bellecour, Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon, Vieux Lyon, Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière, Ancient Theatre of Fourvière, La Croix-Rousse, Musée des Confluences


To Eat

Restaurants:Brasserie Georges, Diplomatico Brasserie, Léon de B, Le Grande Café de négociants

Casual: Paul, la brioche dorée

Specialties: quenelle



bustling metropolitan city with lots of options for nightlife


Day 2

Hope you've enjoyed Lyon so far. Today is a day for walking. Yesterday was a great day of weaving between newer and older streets and getting to know the heart of the city. Today should be a little interesting as we're winding through the periphery of the city. As a side note, the map wouldn't adjust so please drag the route towards the water if you please. If not, it's nice to discover the inner streets as well.

Bodies of water are usually very importance to a budding city's commerce. At one point, these two rivers were crucial to industry, specifically the silk trade. I love getting to know a city by winding along its rivers and luckily a lot of European cities are great at making pedestrian friendly paths to accompany the rivers.

The Rivers Saône and Rhône meet at the tip of the Presqu'île. A confluence is where two rivers join together, hence the Museum being called Musée des Confluences. You can walk today briskly in about two hours, but take the time. Dedicate anywhere from four to six hours for today's adventures.

9:00 AM - Eat some food at Place Bellecour if you wish. Then start at Pont Bonaparte and just follow the Saône river all the way down to the end of the peninsula. 

10:30 AM - If you are strolling leisurely, you might be able to make it to the tip by this time. Soak it in. The two rivers converge and crash into each other. The water ripples at the point of their intersection and it's the most satisfying thing to watch.

11:00 AM - Either enter the museum or keep walking along the Rhône now, up towards Parc de la Tête d'Or.

12:00 PM - Lunch time. Sit down somewhere or grab a quick bite. I haven't been disappointed with much of Lyon's food. Is the restaurant is still standing amidst so much competition, it must be decent.

3:00 PM - If you are strolling leisurely, you might be at the park by now. Enjoy the greenery and the rest of your day.

Notable Places in Lyon, France

Walking Points

  • Start at Pont Bonaparte

  • Walk along Saône

  • See Musée des Confluences (Optional)

  • Walk along Rhône

  • Explore Parc de la Tête d'Or

Estimated time walking: 2 hours

Estimated time exploring: 1 hour walking along Saône, 1.5 hour walking, 2 hours Museum optional, 1 hour lunch, along Rhône, 30 min extra for leisurely stroll

Total: 4-6 hours