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Piazzetta in Capri, Italy

The Capri funicular deposits passengers at Piazzetta, a small plaza with cafes, restaurants, shops, and a tourism office. From this height, visitors get beautiful views of the sea stretched for miles. Occasionally, one might brush shoulders with celebrities and Hollywood stars as Piazzetta is a popular place for those visiting the island.

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Funicular in Capri, Italy

The Capri funicular connects Marina Grande to the center of the island. The lines get rather long during midday hours, but it may be worth the wait as the climb up can be steep. We took the funicular early in the morning and walked back down towards Marina Grande for a mid-morning excursion on a boat. Running approximately every fifteen minutes, the € 2.00 ticket is well priced and the journey up offers a spectacular view of the island.

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Travel Itinerary: A Weekend on Block Island

One of my favorite things to do during summertime is find a place for a nice weekend getaway so I can see a new place without breaking into the vacation bank. It's an island, decently sized for a good hour moped ride or five hour bike ride (crazy hills at times though) and perhaps way to big to stroll around (though it's possible). This itinerary is a bit different than my usual ones. There's way less walking, and a more casual listing of what to do on the island. 

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