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Marina Grande in Capri, Italy

Marina Grande is the main port to the island of Capri, Italy. A steady flux of ships and boats come in and out of the port, carrying cargo and passengers alike. Boats travel to Naples, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and simply around the island for a tour of the grottos. Restaurants, hotels, and shops line the main strip, serving locals and tourists.

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Walk Along the Thames River in London, England

The River Thames starts in Thames Head, coursing through southern England and most notably London, until it reaches the North Sea. The river itself starts as a "small trickle" from the source, as described by the official site. Stretching two hundred and ten miles, this walk only features a small portion of this river.

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Travel Itinerary: A Weekend on Block Island

One of my favorite things to do during summertime is find a place for a nice weekend getaway so I can see a new place without breaking into the vacation bank. It's an island, decently sized for a good hour moped ride or five hour bike ride (crazy hills at times though) and perhaps way to big to stroll around (though it's possible). This itinerary is a bit different than my usual ones. There's way less walking, and a more casual listing of what to do on the island. 

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