Travel Itinerary: 3 Days in Rome, Italy

3 days in Rome, Italy

Think of Italy and you'll probably think of Rome. The eternal city and Italy's capital is a bustling metropolitan city with a storied past. Ancient Rome gave fame to the likes of Julius Caesar, Augustus, and Cicero. The heart of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City, is a city-state within Rome. Michelangelo once painted the Sistine Chapel here. It was graced by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Pasta, pizza, and vino covers the tables of restaurants that spill into the sidewalks. The main roads and side streets are always filled with people and mopeds. In the summer, gelato is in the hands of every tourist. Crowds gather to marvel at the wonders of the Colosseum and the surrounded Roman ruins. The city is always alive. The shopping is abundant and ranges from casual to super luxury.

Discover the wonders of Rome, Italy and see what it's like to experience the perfect marriage of antiquity and modernity within a walkable city.