Travel Itinerary: Day 1 in Rome, Italy

Day 1 in Rome, Italy

The Basics



Inland metropolitan city with paved and cobblestone pedestrian/car roads


Summer high of 80°F or 25°C
Winter low of 40°F or 14°C


Leonardo da vinci (Fiumicino) Airport or Roma Termini Train Station


Getting Around

Taxi or walking. city center is accesible by walking


$150-$300 per day


Hotels, hostels, airbnb
Recommend: Hotel Parlamento


To Do

Walking, historic tours, eating, shopping

To See

Colosseum, roman ruins, castel Sant'Angelo, vatican city, sistine chapel, spanish steps, trevi fountain, pantheon, st. pete's basilica, circus maximus


To Eat

Restaurants: So many good restaurants, you will easily find one within walking distance

Casual: many casual eateries

Specialties: Pasta, pizza



bustling metropolitan city with lots of options for nightlife


Day 1

Welcome to Roma! If you have somehow made it to the Eternal City, you are in for a treat. When I visited, I made my way over from Venice so I arrived at Roma Termini Station and opted to walk 30 minutes to my hotel near the Trevi Fountain. Prices depend on when you travel. Parlamento Boutique Hotel is one of the best I stayed in and the staff were fantastic. I went during high season so I paid $134.44 a night, split amongst two people for $67.22 per night. I have seen prices hovering around $90 for this particular hotel. 

This city is not cheap but it's not very expensive either. Most of your budget will go towards accomodations and travels. Today's excursions will cost 17 euros but this admission includes Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and the Colosseum. You can see if the Roma Pass is right for you. I personally did not find the metro useful because I wanted to be out exploring the city instead of underground. Stops are so close anyway that I opted out of this. I did get a free tour bus ticket with my train ticket over to Rome so I took advantage of that.

Get ready for a great day and an intro to historic Rome.

9:00 AM - Head on over to the ruins of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. The ticket line won't be crowded and tomorrow, you'll use this same ticket to enter the Colosseum so do not lose it. I waited in the long line at the Colosseum and only found out that you can buy the same ticket at the Palatine Hill entrance for less headache. The ruins are rather large and you'll spend a good amount of time walking through it. Soak in the sights. This complex dates back to 10th Century B.C. according to some archaeological findings. There are a lot of stairs to climb but the view on top is well worth it.

11:30 AM - You've had ample time to explore and it's nearly lunch time. Feel free to stay longer or leave earlier. Make your way back towards the city center using the map below. Piazza Venezia is on the way. 

12:00 PM - Lunch is always a good idea. There's a casual takeout pizza spot near the Trevi Fountain that's pretty decent if you want to wait. Most places are probably delicious and there's no shortage of eateries, so this one is up to you.

12:30 PM - Hopefully you made it to the Pantheon which was a former Roman temple. If not, enjoy your lunch and just make adjustments in the itinerary.

1:30 PM - Piazza Navona next. In this public square, you can check out the big Egyptian obelisk and two beautiful fountains at either end.

2:30 PM - Feel free to pop into shops for souvenirs or gelato. Next up is Piazza di Spagna or the Spanish Steps. These steps are the widest in Europe and the framing of the steps by the buildings makes it even more beautiful. 

3:30 PM - Stroll down towards Piazza Barberini, another public square where you can see the Triton Fountain. A precursor for the breathtaking fountain to come.

4:00 PM - We made it to the Trevi Fountain! Stand here, enjoy the sights, eat some pizza, and listen to the movement of the water against that white marble.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Notable Places in Rome, Italy

Walking Points

  • Visit Palatine Hill and roman forum

  • See piazza venezia

  • visit pantheon

  • see Piazza Navona

  • See Spanish Steps

  • See Piazza Barberini

  • See Trevi Fountain

Estimated time walking: 1 hour 11 Min

Estimated time exploring: 2.5 hours Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, 15 min Piazza Venezia, 30 min pantheon, 30 min piazza navona, 30 min Spanish steps, 30 min Piazza Barberini, 30 min trevi fountain, 30 min extra for leisurely stroll

Total: 5-7 hours

Day 1 in Rome, Italy
Day 2 in Rome, Italy