Travel Itinerary: Day 2 in Rome, Italy

Day 2 in Rome, Italy

The Basics



Inland metropolitan city with paved and cobblestone pedestrian/car roads


Summer high of 80°F or 25°C
Winter low of 40°F or 14°C


Leonardo da vinci (Fiumicino) Airport or Roma Termini Train Station


Getting Around

Taxi or walking. city center is accesible by walking




Hotels, hostels, airbnb
Recommend: Hotel Parlamento


To Do

Walking, historic tours, eating, shopping

To See

Colosseum, roman ruins, castel Sant'Angelo, vatican city, sistine chapel, spanish steps, trevi fountain, pantheon, st. pete's basilica, circus maximus


To Eat

Restaurants: So many good restaurants, you will easily find one within walking distance

Casual: many casual eateries

Specialties: Pasta, pizza



bustling metropolitan city with lots of options for nightlife


Day 2

Waking up in Rome is pretty great. Hopefully you'll have a nourishing breakfast to fuel you for the exciting day ahead. This schedule is a guideline but from experience, the early you get to the Colosseum, the better, because thousands of people are also trying to beat the crowd. I'm speaking from my own personal experience on summer Roman holiday. I believe it's a bit calmer in the colder season.

8:00 AM - This is an early wake up call but worth it, I promise. You want to be the first in and beat the crowd because this place gets crowded real fast, especially during summer months. Have your ticket from yesterday ready. Make a lap around the entirety of the Colosseum and listen to the history if you opt for an audio guided tour.

11:00 AM - By now you might be wrapping up at the Colosseum, but don't forget the gift shop! When you're ready, walk over to Circus Maximus and see the remnants of the old racing and entertainment ground.

11:30 AM - Catch a quick bite or get ready to walk along the Tiber River. It's your choice in regards to whatever side you walk on and whether you'd prefer to walk along hte river or through the streets.

12:30 PM - You'll eventually reach this amazing bridge lined with statues of angels called Ponte Sant'Angelo. If you didn't eat before, catch a quick bite now. Tons of vendors should be around this tourist area. Or wait until you get to the cafe at Castel Sant'Angelo.

12:45 PM - Castel Sant'Angelo offers beautiful aerial views of the walk you just took to get here. It's full of history and has views of Vatican City as well.

3:00 PM - Hope you've enjoyed the Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo. Get ready for tomorrow's outing and enjoy the rest of your day!


Notable Places in Rome, Italy

Walking Points

  • Visit Colosseum

  • See Circus Maximus

  • Walk along the Tiber River

  • Cross Ponte Sisto

  • Walk through town or along Tiber River

  • Cross Ponte Sant'Angelo

  • Explore Castel Sant'Angelo

Estimated time walking: 1 hour

Estimated time exploring: 2.5 hours colosseum, 30 min extra for leisurely stroll, 2 hour at Castel Sant'Angelo

Total: 5-7 hours